Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events in the coming months. Stay tuned to more updates! 

Coming Soon

  •  March 5 to 8, 2019: Foodex Japan – Tokyo

  • April 24 to 26, 2019: Food & Hotel Vietnam (FHV) – Ho Chi Min City

  • June 19 to 22, 2019: Taipei International Food Show – Taipei

  • August 7 to 10, 2019: World Food Expo (WOFEX) – Manila

  • November 5 to 10, 2019: China International Import Expo – Shanghai

  • November 12 to 14, 2019: Food & Hotel China (FHC) – Shanghai

Past Events

WOFEX exhibition in Manilla
Participation at Food and Hotel Hanoi ee Trusted Pork campaign closes successful campaign year in Vietnam With participation in the Food and Hotel Hanoi 2018 fair and a seminar and matchmaking in Hanoi, the COV has closed the second year of Trusted Pork. After previous well-attended events in China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan, the activities in Vietnam were also very successful. With this, the COV can again look back on a successful year for its Trusted Pork campaign. The Vietnamese market is a strongly growing import market for pork. This year, exports from the EU to Vietnam increased by 50%. The Food and Hotel fair in Hanoi was organized for the first time this year. Although this is a relatively small exhibition, 20 different countries were present and six of them were present with meat products. This makes Food and Hotel Hanoi the most important trade show in North Vietnam. The COV Trusted Pork stand was well attended by potential Vietnamese customers. On the second day of the fair, a Trusted Pork seminar was organized with matchmaking between European exporters and Taiwanese buyers. The seminar, which focused on the food safety guarantees of European pork, was opened by the Dutch Agricultural Council in Vietnam, Willem Schoustra. Mr. Schoustra did emphasize the importance of the export of European meat both from an economic perspective and from the perspective of sustainability (optimising the valorisation, animal welfare). At the matchmaking event, about 15 companies did participate. Seminar Tokyo On November 16, a Trusted Pork seminar was organized in Tokyo together with the Dutch Embassy for Japanese guests. The red line of this seminar were on the guarantees and controls and the safety and quality of European pork; the basis of the Trusted Pork campaign. In addition to the seminar, the Japanese guests were welcomed by Dutcg Ambassador Aart Jacobi at his residence for a cocktail and a networking event. The event was well visited by Japanese business operators and Japanese authorities. Approximately 60 Japanese guests (importers, processors, retailers and press) visited the event next to some representatives from the Japanese government. During his welcome speech, Ambassador Jacobi emphasized the importance that Japanese customers and consumers give to controls, guarantees and safety. All this should lead to full trust of the product. And that is exactly what Trusted Pork aims at. With the pork tasting during the networking reception , the embassy’s chef served a number of attractive pork dishes from Europe. Participation at Food and Hotel China From November 13 to 15 the Trusted Pork campaign was present at the Food and Hotel China trade show in Shanghai. The Food and Hotel China trade show is one of the largest trade fairs in China for meat trade. Many countries from North and South America and from Europe are present at this fair. Around 40,000 interested people visited the fair every day. The Trusted Pork booth has been intensively visited this year by interested Chinese operators. The interest for European pork was very large. The outbreak of African Swine Fever in China did play was relevant for this. As a result of the ASF outbreak, domestic production is under pressure and the import demand is increasing. On the second day of the fair, the COV, together with the Dutch consulate in Shanghai, organized a well-attended cocktail at the Trusted Pork stand. The Dutch Consul General Remco van Wijngaarden highlighted in his cocktail speech the importance of the Chinese market for the European meat sector as well as the commitment of the European meat sector for being a sustainable trade partner of China and for the export of safe quality pork. He did propose a toast to the success of the Trusted Pork campaign in China. Participation at Taipei International Food Show Successful Trade show and seminar in Taipei From June 27 to June 30 the Trusted Pork from Europe campaign had a successful participation at the 2018 Taipei International Food Show. FOOD TAIPEI hosts many suppliers of specialty products for Taiwan that is renowned as the epicentre of gourmet foods, fine dining, fresh produce and skilled chefs. FOOD TAIPEI welcomed buyers from over 100 countries. At the Trusted Pork booth, Jason LIN, the chef of the well-known Taipei restaurant “Dancing Pig”, did give every show day a demonstration of how to cook European pork dishes. As part of its presence during the Taipei food show, COV did also organise a seminar and B2B meetings at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Taipei on June 27. This seminar was opened by Director of the Agriculture and Food Department of the Netherlands Trade and Investment office, Mr. Anthony Snellen. The seminar did focus on the principles, rules, procedures, control, and execution of the EU’s General Food regulation, while respecting the welfare of the pigs. The EU’s official control regulations are a key element of the European managed agricultural food chain. It is recognized globally and considered as a best practice paradigm, under the close supervision of the official authorities, European meat products represent quality assurance in terms of safety and hygiene. In 2016, Taiwan imported 48,000 tons of meat from the European Union, which is also the eighth largest pork export market in the EU. In 2017, the EU pork exports to Taiwan increased by 24%, indicating that Taiwanese consumers have more and more confidence in European meat safety. Participation at the SIAL Shanghai European pork industry prominently present at SIAL China From May 16 to May 18 the Trusted Pork programme did participate at SIAL China 2018 in Shanghai. SIAL Shanghai is the largest Food Exhibition in Asia and the 3rd biggest food show in the world. Many major market players from retail, hotel/restaurant/catering, food services, the import/export trade and manufacturing are present at this show. This year SIAL China did welcome 3,400 exhibitors representing 70 countries and more than 110.000 visitors. A great opportunity for the COV and its members to show themselves to the Chinese meat professionals. Because the fair was also visited this year by EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan as part of his High Level Mission to stimulate EU exports, the COV has taken the initiative to organise a High Level Meat Event during the SIAL with key note speaker Commissioner Hogan. One of the other key speakers at this event, organized in collaboration with the Chinese Meat Association, was Francis Kint, CEO of VION. Key element of this event was the strengthening of the trade relationship between the EU and China for meat. EU Commissioner Hogan spoke in his opening speech about the high level of food safety and quality of European pork, beef and veal. And also about the great importance of the Chinese market for the European exporters and the European ambition to continue to supply this important market with products that meet the Chinese wishes. Francis Kint emphasized in his presentation the role of the Netherlands as the second largest exporter of agricultural products. He also indicated how the European and Dutch pork sector provides additional guarantees in the area of quality, safety, traceability and animal welfare. At this event, COV received 140 Chinese guests. The High Level Meat Event ended with a toast on a successful trade relationship with China. Participation at WOFEX Manila Promoting European pork at the WOFEX Manila For the second time in a row, COV and Trusted Pork did participate at the WOFEX in Manila, Philippines. The WOFEX is the largest food trade fair in the Philippines. The Philippines are a country with 100 million inhabitants and, like many countries in Asia, there is an increasingly capital-rich middle class, making the market more interesting for the pork exporters from Europe. During this fair, the COV did also organized a Trusted Pork about safe pork. The well visited seminar was opened by the Dutch Ambassador, Ms. Derkx. She indicated that she was pleased that the COV participated in the fair and organized this seminar. She recalled the strong position of European and Dutch pork because it is seen as safe and of high quality. The export of pork from Europe is gradually increasing. With the presentations during the seminar, the European exporters did show how controls are carried out in Europe and how quality and food safety is ensured. Foodexpo Ho Chi Min City From November 15 to 18 the Trusted Pork programme has participated in the Foodexpo fair in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. The Vietnam Foodexpo is the official and no.1 international food exhibition of Vietnam and the leading business springboard for food trade and food industry in Vietnam. Vietnam Foodexpo offers:
  • the most complete food and food technology offer under one roof in Vietnam.
  • the largest scale of regional and national food business opportunities through the exclusive access of the exhibition to the extensive international and national network of the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to doing business in Vietnam through personalized and free of charge inclusive business matching services. In 2017 more than 450 exhibitors participated at Foodexpo.
Many Vietnamese meat business operators (responsible for purchasing) visited the Trusted Pork from Europe booth. Seminar November 17 A Trusted Pork seminar has been organised on November 17, 2017 in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. The seminar has been opened by the Agricultural counsellor of the Dutch embassy in Vietnam. The seminar was visited by 30 meat business representatives from Vietnam. Seminar November 21 A Trusted Pork seminar has been organised on November 21, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. This seminar was combined with a cooking demonstration and networking event. In this way a cooking demonstration performed by a well-known European and a Chinese chef in Taiwan was organised to show the pork quality in different style of cuisine to importers and medias. Furthermore a B to B networking event was organised to meet potential importers and to understand more about the market. Potential importers and restaurant owners and meat purchasers of retail and processing have been invited to better understand the qualities of pork from Europe. FHC Shanghai From November 14 to 16 the Trusted Pork programme has participated in the Food and Hotel China trade show (FHC) in Shanghai, China. The FHC did show in 2017 record numbers with more than 90.000 visitors and 2.450 exhibitors. FHC has grown to become the leading tradeshow for international companies looking to introduce their products into the Chinese market. Visitors profile represented Food Importers, Food exporters, Distributors, Wholesalers, Purchasers from Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Grocery Stores, Hotels and Restaurants and Food Processors Many representatives of Chinese meat companies (responsible for purchasing) visited the Trusted Pork from Europe booth. Seminar November 15, 2017 A Trusted Pork seminar has been organised on November 15, 2017 in Shanghai China. The seminar has been opened by the Agricultural counsellor for Veterinary & Phytosanitary Affairs of the Dutch embassy in China. The seminar was visited by 40 meat business representatives from China. CIMIE October 18 to 20, 2017 From October 18 to October 20 the Trusted Pork campaign has participated in the China International Meat Industry Exhibition (CIMIE) fair in Qingdao, China. CIMIE is the most professional meat show in China with 15 years of experience and more than 300,000 person-times of trade visitors in total. CIMIE is organised by the Chinese meat industry association CMA. CIMIE 2017 meat show did gather hundreds of meat exhibitors, covering International Meat Trade, Meats (Pork, Beef, Lamb and Poultry), Meat Products, Meat Additives, Packaging Materials, Meat Slaughtering and Processing Machinery and Cold-chain Logistics, etc. Many representatives of Chinese meat companies (responsible for purchasing) visited the Trusted Pork from Europe booth (see enclosed list). Seminar October 18, 2017 A Trusted Pork seminar has been organised on October 18, 2017 in Qingdao China. The seminar has been opened by the Chairman of the Chinese Meat Association (CMA), Mr. Li Shuilong, and the Agricultural counsellor for Veterinary & Phytosanitary Affairs of the Dutch embassy in China. In addition three presentations have been delivered. The seminar was visited by 50 meat business representatives from China. WOFEX WOFEX WORLD FOOD EXPO From August 2 to August 5 the Trusted Pork programme has participated in the WOFEX fair (World Food Expo) in Manilla, Philippines. WOFEX is the biggest and most effective food show in the Philippines today. Participating in the WOFEX fair was a great success since:
  • The trade fair showed an increasing number of visitors compared to previous years
  • A majority of visitors was working in the Food business, 40% of the visitors worked in F&B industry (Food manufacturing, bakery, hotel, caterer …), 29% of the visitors belonged to distribution industry
  • 88% of the visitors were decision makers in their company
Thanks to the very attractive and visible booth and thanks to the attractive and modern key visual (the Trusted Pork from Europe logo), the Trusted Pork from Europe booth did win the prize of the Best Foreign Pavilion 2017 Seminar during WOFEX Seminar August 4, 2017 On August 4 a Trusted Pork from Europe seminar has been organised in Manilla Philippines. The seminar has been opened by a representative of the EU delegation in Manilla, who spoke about the trade relationship between the EU and Philippines. In addition three presentations have been delivered as follows:
  • A presentation on the EU rules and standards on food safety, traceability, guarantees, controls and animal welfare
  • A presentation on the implementation of all EU rules and obligations on national Member State level
  • A presentation on the measures and initiatives concerning food safety and controls on company level
The seminar was visited by 33 meat business representatives from the Philippines.