Participation at the SIAL Shanghai

Participation at the SIAL Shanghai

European pork industry prominently present at SIAL China

From May 16 to May 18 the Trusted Pork programme did participate at SIAL China 2018 in Shanghai. SIAL Shanghai is the largest Food Exhibition in Asia and the 3rd biggest food show in the world. Many major market players from retail, hotel/restaurant/catering, food services, the import/export trade and manufacturing are present at this show.

This year SIAL China did welcome 3,400 exhibitors representing 70 countries and more than 110.000 visitors. A great opportunity for the COV and its members to show themselves to the Chinese meat professionals.

Because the fair was also visited this year by EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan as part of his High Level Mission to stimulate EU exports, the COV has taken the initiative to organise a High Level Meat Event during the SIAL with key note speaker Commissioner Hogan. One of the other key speakers at this event, organized in collaboration with the Chinese Meat Association, was Francis Kint, CEO of VION.

Key element of this event was the strengthening of the trade relationship between the EU and China for meat. EU Commissioner Hogan spoke in his opening speech about the high level of food safety and quality of European pork, beef and veal. And also about the great importance of the Chinese market for the European exporters and the European ambition to continue to supply this important market with products that meet the Chinese wishes. Francis Kint emphasized in his presentation the role of the Netherlands as the second largest exporter of agricultural products. He also indicated how the European and Dutch pork sector provides additional guarantees in the area of quality, safety, traceability and animal welfare.

At this event, COV received 140 Chinese guests. The High Level Meat Event ended with a toast on a successful trade relationship with China.