Participation at WOFEX Manila

Participation at WOFEX Manila

Promoting European pork at the WOFEX Manila

For the second time in a row, COV and Trusted Pork did participate at the WOFEX in Manila, Philippines.

The WOFEX is the largest food trade fair in the Philippines.

The Philippines are a country with 100 million inhabitants and, like many countries in Asia, there is an increasingly capital-rich middle class, making the market more interesting for the pork exporters from Europe.

During this fair, the COV did also organized a Trusted Pork about safe pork.

The well visited seminar was opened by the Dutch Ambassador, Ms. Derkx. She indicated that she was pleased that the COV participated in the fair and organized this seminar. She recalled the strong position of European and Dutch pork because it is seen as safe and of high quality. The export of pork from Europe is gradually increasing.

With the presentations during the seminar, the European exporters did show how controls are carried out in Europe and how quality and food safety is ensured.